Give a breastfeeding mother the ultimate support hamper.


Breastfeeding is amazing, but it’s also intensive, hard work and often painful. This bundle helps to alleviate all those things.


Make mum comfortable between feeds with Bloom & Blossom Natural Nip & Lip Soothing Balm and eight Mama Designs Washable Bamboo Breast Pads. A set of snag-free bobbles will quickly take her hair out of the reach of little hands.


Meanwhile, baby gets to enjoy the results of the Jessie Bakes Clean Lactation Biscuit Mix and Nipper & Co Mum's Milk Tea, which will help to ensure a good supply of milk. All while snuggled up in a super soft Mori bodysuit.

Breastfeeding Care

  • Mama Designs Organic Bamboo Breastpads 
  • Bloom & Blossom Natural Nip & Lip cream
  • Jessie Bakes Lactation Cookie Mix
  • Nipper & Co Mum's Milk Tea
  • Snag Free Hair Bobbles
  • Mori Organic Short Sleeve Bodysuit

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