Items you love. Made naturally.

Finding the right gift for Babies and Parents is not easy. If you’re anything like us, you want your present to have some thought behind it. It should be useful for Mama & Papa, but also safe and enjoyable for Baby. We strive to source the finest products from selected makers who meet with our vision that life should be natural and free from nasties. 


Our love of - and occasional difficulty in - finding the perfect gift for Parents and Babies has developed into Beautiful Bundle Co. We have sourced the best products, all while supporting small businesses. A lot of which have been created by Mothers and Fathers. 

Our Story

Beautiful Bundle Co. is based in Beech Meadow Farm, a home built in the 18th century with a garden running into the neighbouring woodland. Surrounded by native trees and our own wide variety of animals, we are fortunate to also have regular visits from many wild animals too, among those, Deer. It is an absolute pleasure to see them wander through our garden in search of fallen spoils from our fruit trees.


Taking inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty, we only source natural and wholesome products. We want our bundles to be respectful of the environment, so it is essential they are curated with care and thought. They comprise of products that are not only environmentally-friendly, but also chosen based on their usefulness and charm.


Beautiful gifts that are well made in every sense.

Due to their natural nature, our products are safe & enjoyable for the smallest of our fans. So, you can trust, the best start in life for the littlest of bundles is at the heart of everything we do.

We truly appreciate your choice to support our small business. 

Jayne x            

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